Becoming a board member is a great way to meet other YMF members and get more involved in YMF! Multiple levels of involvement are possible depending upon your schedule and availability. Click here for a detailed description of all of the committees. We are currently looking for people to help with the following teams: 


PE Review Chair

Develops internal PE review courses and establishes partnership(s) with external entities providing PE review courses for our membership. Coordinates annual PE review course with external company and oversees course registration and accounting. [1-2 events per year]. Contact Nestor Godinez for more information. 

Programs Committee

Responsible for planning technical presentations, tours, and opportunities for professional development. [3-4 events per year] The Programs Committee is always looking for help coordinating and coming up with ideas for new tours and presentations! Contact Adrian Cortez for more information.

Speaker Series Committee

The Programs Committee organizes the award winning Annual  Speaker Series bringing you presentations by industry leaders in a  variety of different fields. [4 presentations, coordination January thru  April]  Contact Nestor Godinez for more information. 

Lifetime Member Liaison

Serves as the liaison between YMF and the Lifetime Member Forum  (ASCE Members with over 35 years of experience) by coordinating on  special events (ex: LMF Brunch / History and Heritage Night / etc.). Contact Nestor Godinez for more information.

Marketing Officer

Marketing chair develops materials and graphics for use on event  flyers and website. Contact Nestor Godinez for more information.

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