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We love seeing new faces, and becoming a new member is easy! If you are already an ASCE Member, you are set to be a participating YMF member. If not, don’t worry you can always become an ASCE Member by going to the ASCE website here: and you’ll automatically be entered into a YMF database to be eligible to participate in any and all YMF activities. Remember that civil engineering firms and agencies will often reimburse you for your annual membership dues.

Come to a board meeting to find out how you can play an active roll in our thriving branch. We’ve got so many fund-raising, outreach, community development, and recreational events planned that we’re always are looking for enthusiastic participators. As much or as little time you’re willing to dedicate, we’re just happy you’ve decided to spend some time with us.

Joining YMF is a great way to network, and you’ll be surprised how fun “networking” can be. Remember to bring some business cards or your contact information and we look forward to seeing you at the next board meeting.

For more information feel free to contact our Execute Board (right-side bar) or our board members.

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